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Omaha Storks and More is a full service yard sign rental company that specializes in baby announcement stork signs for your loved ones and friends!


The birth or adoption of a baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. And it’s an excitement they want to share with others. Help your friends or family members announce their new bundle of joy by renting one of our beautiful 6 foot stork signs for their front lawn. No matter which of our baby signs you choose, it will look great in their yard and will include a personalized keepsake the parents will treasure forever.


Each sign rental comes with a keepsake bundle that includes the baby’s name, birth date, weight, and length. Involve older siblings with their very own personalized sibling sign star that announces they are a Proud Big Brother or Proud Big Sister!


/ Meet Julia

An Omaha raised but Texas educated nurse, who moved back to Omaha to be close to family after spending ~7 years in Texas studying in Fort Worth and then working as a nurse in Dallas. It was her time in Texas that exposed her to the fun that is stork sign rentals (as stork signs are popular all over the country). Mom to a one year old little boy and a two year old pup. It was after becoming a mother herself, that she became inspired her to bring the popular stork sign idea to Nebraska! She is thrilled to take her joy of babies being born to the next level with Storks and More of Omaha!

/ Meet Joe

A Lincoln raised, Nebraska sports fanatic who loves helping Julia with the business side of the sign business. Full time boy dad and part time dog walker. Julia & Joe are excited to help you celebrate one of life’s best memories!

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