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  • How much does a new baby yard sign rental cost? How long is the rental period?
    The charge for renting the sign of your choice is $85.oo. The rental period is one week. We will leave the bundle, star or cloud at the front door when we return to pick up the sign.
  • How far in advance should I order the sign?
    We strive to deliver your sign within 24 hours of placing an order. Omaha Storks & More receives orders online 24/7 or you can contact us by phone whenever you’re ready.
  • Can I reserve a sign before the baby is born?
    Yes. Simply order a sign and include the baby’s expected due date in the appropriate space on Omaha Storks & More’s online order form. This will reserve your sign. Just notify us when the baby arrives and we will schedule a delivery time.
  • What do you offer for the grandparents?
    If a grandparent sign is ordered at the same time as the sign for the new parents, the discounted rental price for a grandparent sign is $70/week. The same delivery charge will apply if applicable. Please note: The grandparent bundle is generic (“It’s a Grandson” or “It’s a Granddaughter”) and is not a keepsake. If the grandparent prefers a customized/and or keepsake bundle, the normal pricing will apply.
  • What do you provide for a gender reveal party?
    Omaha Storks offers a pink/blue (gender neutral) storks for gender reveal parties for $75 for up to a week. The stork can be placed inside or outside with our stands. The stork bundle can include a message such as “He or She what will it be?” or “Pink or Blue what do you think?” or a custom message. The stork can also be used to reveal the baby’s gender at the party. We will put “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy” on the stork bundle and, when the stork bundle is delivered, it will be wrapped in a burlap bag with a beautiful bow for the big reveal at your party.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We currently are servicing the greater Omaha area. If you have questions regarding delivery location, please contact us to confirm.
  • Where will you place the sign in the yard?
    We use our best judgment regarding sign placement to ensure optimal visibility and a pleasing backdrop for photographs. If there is a specific spot you would like for the sign to be placed, please notify us when you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We cannot guarantee exact placement of the sign if you are not at home when we deliver the sign and/or if you have not marked the location in the yard with a clearly visible marker.
  • Can I move, mow around, or attach anything to the yard signs?"
    Please do not move and/or remove the yard sign as damage can occur. Please use extreme caution when mowing or weed eating near the sign as damage can occur if any contact is made with the sign. Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. When a balloon pops the sun bakes the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.
  • What happens if the yard sign gets damaged?
    If you notice any damage on the sign please notify Omaha Storks & More immediately. Our signs are durable, weather-resistant and designed to last. However, the signs are not designed for climbing. We are not responsible or liable for any and all injuries involving the sign while on the renter’s property. The owner of the home in which the rental sign is posted will be responsible for payment of any damage to the sign while on the owner’s property. By ordering a sign, the homeowner accepts responsibility for the sign while on the owner’s property. Thank you so much for your consideration and cooperation.
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